September Exemplary Reference Awards

The Quality Assurance Workgroup has been hard at work and has awarded the following transcripts for September 2009 Exemplary Reference Awards of the Month. Transcripts were awarded in three categories: Best Detailed Chat, Best Brief Chat, and Best Teaching Chat.

Kira Smith, Ask a Librarian Intern will receive a gift card to for her Exemplary Detailed Chat and all three winners will receive a certificate at a presentation at this next year’s annual Florida Library Association Conference. The Ask a Librarian’s User Forum is set for Apr 7th at 1:30.

Brief Exemplary Chat
Matthew Moyer, Jacksonville Public Library

Matthew quickly and efficiently located authoritative website resources on the patron’s topic—Angel Island Poems and tibishi writing. These poems, written by Chinese immigrants, were found on the walls of the Angel Island detention center between 1910 and 1930. Tibishi writing (literally “writing on the wall”) is a form of travel writing with a history of political dissent. I visited Matthew’s resources and found the patron’s topic to be quite interesting.

Detailed Exemplary Chat
Kira Smith, Ask a Librarian Intern

Kira conducted an excellent reference interview, first gathering general, then detailed information about the student’s topic. Using this information, Kira was able to offer the student some good search terms. Kira accessed the UCF Library website and compiled a list of education and career journals that she presented to the student. Kira told the student the ERIC database used the exact search term as the student’s topic and additionally found a related search term in the thesaurus. The student told Kira “you are an angel” and “WOW. You give a wealth of info”. The student confided that English was not her first language. She left the chat with confidence that she will do great thanks to Kira’s assistance. In closing, Kira told the student to “please come back if you need more assistance. We’re here until midnight”. 🙂

Teaching Exemplary Chat
Katie Tyler, Winter Park Public Library

Katie patiently guided a new online student to peer reviewed articles and how to cite APA. She did a fantastic job working with the student and explaining to her how to do each step within her library’s resources. Additionally, she referred the student back to their own university librarian or Ask a Librarian for additional help.

Selecting the top transcript in each category can often be a hard process with so many terrific sessions to choose from. Below are the other people who were nominated this month by themselves, co-workers or the quality assurance workgroup.

Brief Exemplary Chat:
Louie Alfano, Parkland Library
Christine Boatright, Lake City Community College
Ursula Bouron, Broward College
Andrea Carter, Florida Gulf Coast University Library
Carrie Gits, Nova Southeastern University
Catherine Katz, Valencia Community College
Margeaux Johnson, University of Florida
Rachel Mulvihill, University of Central Florida
Lena Phelps-Ellerker, South Florida Community College
Laura Ramirez, Nova Southeastern University
Susan Smith, Hodges University
Eric Soriano, Jacksonville Public Library
Laura Welch, AaL Intern

Detailed Exemplary Chat:
Ursula Bouron, Broward College
Kristin Corbin, Suwannee River Regional Library
Britta Gregor, West Palm Beach Public Library
Ann Hurley, Volusia County Public Library
Neil Linger, Broward College
Paula McCahon, Marion County Public Library
Laniece Miller, Goldstein Library
Renee Patterson, AaL Intern
Rachel Mulvihill, University of Central Florida
Susan Smith, Hodges University
Laura Welch, AaL Intern

Teaching Exemplary Chat:
Paula Bagwell, St. Petersburg College
Matthew Bodie, St. Petersburg College
Marni Chidsey, Northwest Florida State College
Jaime Goldman, AaL Intern
Jennifer Gregor, St. Petersburg College
Dan Hood, Indian River State College
Jenna Miller, Santa Fe College
Renee Patterson, Ask a Librarian Intern
Richard Reilly, Martin County Library System
RJ Rochan, University of Central Florida

Don’t forget to nominate yourself or your co-workers sessions in the Ask a Librarian Toolbox at: or when closing a live chat session