Get your t-shirts on, your buttons on and your cameras out! Tomorrow is Ask a Librarian Day.

Ask a Librarian is a day of focused marketing on Ask a Librarian within your library! Ask Promote the service to both your customers and to other staff members who might not be aware of the great service.
Every person (from part-time student assistants to your director) should be able to talk about the service.

There are 5 main points everyone should know:
• If you ever need help when you’re not in our library, visit (or find the link on our library’s website).
• You can use Ask a Librarian for free.
• Ask a Librarian is a website where you can go to get your questions answered by a real librarian.
• Ask a Librarian is open until midnight ET Sunday through Thursday and until 5 p.m. ET Friday and Saturday.
• If Ask a Librarian isn’t open for chat, you can always email your question to us, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How can you promote Ask a Librarian Day in your library? Here are some ideas from last year and new ones from Traci and I:
• Dust off your Ask a Librarian t-shirt from last year and wear it around the library and town.
• Create a booth or display within the library
• Hold a raffle for students around the service
• Handout bookmarks at checkout
• Bake! Ask a Librarian Staff decorated cupcakes to raise awareness of the service…. Your co-workers will appreciate every word…err..bite!
• Most importantly, Talk about it! Share positive stories from your time on the desk and let your user’s know the service is available.
Let us know what you are planning and please send up pictures and status reports as Ask a Librarian Day unfolds at your library!!
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