Ask a Librarian March Madness Month

Where each day brings a surprising fact, a fun activity, or an Ask a Librarian award … and a chance to brag about our incredible services!

 And the Ask a Librarian Award goes to…

One week ago, we told you that Susan Livingston of South Florida Community College received a total of 4 Exemplary Reference Awards, the highest of any Ask a Librarian staff.  However, there are a number of staff who have received 2 Exemplary Reference Awards, and we want to recognize them as well!  You must remember that there are more than one thousand individuals statewide that are trained to provide reference services via Ask a Librarian, and only 3 categories awarded monthly: Brief, Detailed, and Teaching.  Receiving multiple awards truly says a lot about the fierceness and consistency with which these staff approach their users’ information needs, and these individuals deserve distinct recognition for achieving this.  (For a complete list of winners, click here.)

Question:  Besides Queen Susan, which individuals have received more than one Exemplary Reference Awards?


Alicia Ellison of Hillsborough Community College

Christine Boatright of Lake City Community College

Courtney Moore of Winter Park Public Library

Ellen Book of Miami-Dade Public Library

Katie Tyler of Winter Park Public Library

Kristen Faulkner of Polk State College

Laura Cifelli of Lee County Public Library

Laurie Bates of Sarasota County Public Library

Lora Glass of Niceville Public Library

Lois Rosen, former Ask a Librarian Intern

Regina Seguin of Valencia Community College

If you see these folks this week on the desk (or in your break room), make sure to congratulate them.  They definitely deserve it!  Their transcripts serve as role models for current and future staff, and of course they make their libraries look good in the process.  A nifty secret prize will arrive on their doorsteps in the next few weeks.

DON’T FORGET YOUR AaL ACTIVITES!  Remember to turn in your QR Code suggestions by Friday, March 26.  Also, the AaL Quick Quiz drawing will be held on March 31.

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