Hi Everyone,

In a behind-the scene move, that was not suppose to effect many things. TBLC migrated our email system. Unfortunately, there were a few complications and unexpected issues with this migration and as you have noticed – the Ask a Librarian Electronic Mailing Lists have been unavailable and TBLC staff had some intermittent email issues.

The good news is — we are very close having the issue completely resolved. TBLC staff email is working once again! So, please contact us if you’re worried a message didn’t get to us.

Also, we have created two new Ask a Librarian Mailing Lists:
– General Ask a Librarian Mailing list: askref@askref.simplelists.com (Please remember, everyone who staff AAL needs to be on this list!)
– Site coordinators – askrefsitecoordinators@askref.simplelists.com.

You should receive an invitation to join the listserv today or tomorrow, if so please confirm your email by clicking on the link. If you don’t receive this invite, please check your SPAM folders – and if the invite is not there, please contact me.

Thank you for your patience and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.