The AAL User Satisfaction survey is now live for customers.  Please push this to users at the end of a session.    The software will also attempt to push the survey- but it only appears to those without pop-up blockers.

To push the survey – use the script in the response library followed by the URL in the response library.

The survey asks:

1-Was this your first time using Ask a Librarian?
2-Did you connect with a Librarian today?
3-Was your question answered today?
4-Did the librarian show you any Web-based library resources today (library catalog, databases, etc.)?
5-Do you think you would be able to use those same resources on your own, later on?
6-Do you think you will be more comfortable doing online research in the future?
7-Would you use the Ask a Librarian service again?
8-How did you hear about Ask a Librarian?
9-We welcome your comments or suggestions. Please let us know how we are doing, and how we can improve!

We have offered this survey three this year already.  Here is what users have said about AAL.

  1. 73% are using the service for the first time (27% are returning!)
  2. 98.2% connected with a librarian
  3. 77.75% had their question completed answered and 90.83% had their answer either completely or partially answered (some were expecting follow-up)
  4. 70% were shown web-based resources.  Of those who were shown resources:
    1. 95% felt they would probably or definitely be about to use those same resources on their own later.
    2. 93% felt more comfortable doing online research in the future
  5. 94% felt based on their experience today, they would use AAL again
  6. How do people hear about AAL?
    1. 27% Librarian
    2. 21% Internet Search
    3. 18% instructor
    4. 7% website
    5. 3% from a friend
    6. 4% other
  7. Comments/Suggestions?
    1. 79% added an extra compliment at the end of the survey…is there anything better than hearing
      1. “i think you are doing great and need no improvments”,
      2. “All I can say is WOW! and Thank You!”
      3. “You guys are amazing!! You save me so much time, and help be get good credible information. I have a 4.0 because of you!”
      4. Also several users requested we give out raises – they had such a great experience!
    2. Those that had a complaint, they mainly commented on not getting the answer they wanted, not liking their libraries policy, or other.
    3. Specifically, the users sent compliments to the following librarians: Jay M (UF), Kay R(intern), Shane, Kira S, Iraida, Renee, Phil H, Jaime G, Richard from Martin County, Theresa R, Mary B, Rodica, Rhonda, Catherine, Alyse E, Ann L (UF), Beth R (FSU), Debora S, Jeanette, Deborah, Larry C, Renee, Marlini (from Niceville), Tina Peak, Kelli B (Tampa), Ken V, Karen D (Harold Goldstein), Sarah, Catherine, Hodges Librarian, Missy (UF), Lisa, Theresa R (JPL), Lori H, Judy K (St. Lucie).

Great Job everyone!