We are live on text messaging today.

It should be somewhat quiet in the queue with our soft launch but please remember:

– If you are scheduled for either the collaborative desk or the academic desk, you must staff the texting queue as well.
– Texts will enter the system in the ‘Mail Queue’ for the texting department.
– If you are staffing locally, texting is optional but you are welcome to staff the queue as well.
– Each text reply must start with a “!”
– Use the SMS Helper and Scripts, they are there to help you.

Some Additional Resources:

We will be rolling out local numbers onto local Ask a Librarian Portal pages and widgets this week with more PR to follow.
Please continue to contact us with questions, comments & experiences with texting.  This is new to all of us and only if we work together will this be a success.    We are tweaking settings, policies and training based upon your feedback!