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March Madness Month

A month of surprising facts, informative highlights, and fun activities… all for the chance to brag about our incredible services!

We love to hear from our librarians, anything from questions or comments to marketing ideas and “stories from the desk”.  Sometimes, we get stories from you that just give us goosebumps, they’re so good. Like this one, from Peter at St. John’s County Library.  Peter and his AaL Ambassador, Linda, teamed up for an incredible show of enthusiasm and promotion. If this isn’t an excellent and thoroughly unique example of Word-of-Mouth Marketing at its best, we don’t know what is.

Check this out.

To see a photo of this, please visit our Flickr page!  

“Our AAL Ambassador, Linda Sorenson was able to put together a nice display at the front entrance of our Southeast Branch with the help of the promo items available through TBLC.  Peter and Linda both wore their AAL t-shirts and Linda sat in on a one hour desk.  Linda also went all out and had her face painted with question marks — she is one of the more highly visible staff members on the front lines and she was especially outstanding on AAL Day.  The library was also represented at the Marble Slab Creamery in St. Augustine where Linda helped scoop ice cream (again wearing her AAL t-shirt) and handed out lanyards to interested ice cream customers.”


Peter Washkevich, St. John’s County Public Library System

Awesome, isn’t it?  Yeah, we thought so, too. We hope they enjoy the Ask a Librarian book packs that are on their way to them right now. Oh, and Linda, if you need any help testing the ice cream next year, er… maybe I can help. Call me. Please.


Visit our Flickr page to see the March Madness Month Challenge winning photo!


Jaime Goldman, Nova Southeastern University librarian & AaL intern, took this photo of Manny the Manatee in her library. You probably saw her spirited Big Mouth Billy photo in our last issue, and if you’ve visited the Ask a Librarian Flickr page lately, she’s got a few other fish in there, too. You might think to yourself that Jaime must work in a very… unusual… library. Well, she does! She works in Nova Southeastern University’s Oceanographic Center, and she’s got all her furless friends Ask(in’) a Librarian. Hi, Manny!

What’s a book pack, you ask? Why, it’s a nifty red drawstring bag with a blue Ask a Librarian logo that promotes us with style and holds your book or sandwich at the same time.  Want one? Take the Question 2 Quiz – the deadline is 5 PM TOMORROW.  Remember to tell us what option you’d choose and why!!!!


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