In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, Ask a Librarian will close at 5 pm Wed., Nov. 23, and remain closed on Thurs., Nov. 24 and Fri., Nov. 25.  We will reopen on Sat., Nov. 26.

Also, as in previous years, the Academic Desk will be closed throughout the month of December and the first week of January to accommodate library availability and closings.  This means that all staff normally scheduled to cover Academic during this time will log into the Collaborative Desk instead for their scheduled shifts.

Here are the remaining statewide Ask a Librarian closing dates (Collaborative and Academic Desks) in the November thru January schedule:
• Wednesday, November 23 (closing at 5 pm)
• Thursday, November 24 thru Friday, November 25 (closed)
• Wednesday, December 21 (closing at 5 pm)
• Thursday, December 22 thru Monday, January 2 (closed – service reopens on Tuesday, January 3)
• Monday, January 16 (closed)
• Thursday, December 23 thru Monday, January 3 (closed)
• Monday, January 17 (closed)

Happy Holidays from all of us here at TBLC!