August 2011 Exemplary Reference Awards

The Quality Assurance Workgroup is happy to award the following transcripts for the August 2011 Exemplary Reference Awards. Transcripts were awarded in three categories: Best Detailed Chat, Best Brief Chat, and Best Teaching Chat.

The three winning transcripts are at:

Show your statewide colleagues that you value the customer service they provide to your patrons and students with a nomination. You can nominate yourself or your co-workers sessions in the Ask a Librarian Toolbox at: or when closing a live chat session.

A huge thanks to everyone for all their hard work on Ask a Librarian – without each of you, Ask a Librarian would not be a success.

Brief Exemplary Chat:
Tina Peak, Lake Wales
Tina was able to really connect with a patron about a new installment in a DVD series. With lots of enthusiasm, she was able to both help the patron and learn a little more about an upcoming release.

Detailed Exemplary Chat:
Julio Granda, Miami-Dade Public
Julio chatted at length with a patron who needed contact information to apply for a job with the Orange County Library system. Julio gave the patron encouragement and tips on having a successful interview. His patron better get a job after all the encouragement!

Teaching Exemplary Chat:
Ingrid Purrenhage,  Pasco Hernando Community College
Ingrid helped a student find a video from the streaming video databases (FMG) taking the student through the steps to access the needed segment. Helpful, patient interaction!

Congratulations to our winners!

Each month we receive numerous nominations for fantastic reference. Here are the other nominees:

Brief Chat:

Edith R, College of Central Florida
SandraLee H, St Leo University
Yossi G, Everglades University
Mindy R,  Palm Beach County
Bronwyn M,  Ask a Librarian Staff
Guy A,  Jacksonville PL
Kathy S,  Palm Harbor
Jaime G,  Ask a Librarian Staff – Jaime G
Janice B,   Lee County
Richard L,  NOVA
Tom M,  Citrus County
Susan S,  Hodges University
Jonathan D,  Maitland Library
Katherine D,  Jacksonville PL
Mary M, Training
Angela G, Jacksonville PL
Kristy,  FAU
John M,  OCLS
Sandra D, Brevard Community College

Detailed Chat:

Sarah H, FIU
Richard L , NOVA
Drew S , USF Libraries
Sharyn B, Tampa Hillsborough
Susan S, Hodges University
Mindy R ,Palm Beach County
Theresa R, Jacksonville PL
Yossi G, Everglades University
Bronwyn M, Ask a Librarian Staff
Jill B,  Lee County – Jill B
Ellen,  MDPLS
Jaime G, Ask-A-Librarian Staff
Theresa, Jacksonville Public

Teaching Chat:

Eric Dillalogue,  Florida Keys Community College
Christine B, Florida Gateway College
Richard L,  NOVA
Zach E, Everglades University
James L, Palm Beach County
Deidra G,  Miami Dade Public Library System
Bronwyn M, Ask a Librarian Staff
Jaime G, Ask a Librarian Staff
Laura R,  NOVA
Sandra C, Tampa Hillsborough Public Library
Diana M,  Santa Fe