Please write to your elected officials during 2012 National Library Week to let them know how important libraries are to you and your community. Tell them about how much your community, your state, needs its libraries! Support your state’s libraries now by sending your elected officials a message from your state library association’s take action page:

Libraries continue to be busier than ever helping families, students, seniors, etc., during these tough times. But as we know, public libraries, school libraries, and academic libraries are still struggling to maintain budgets, staff, and resources to serve the needs of their communities. Your state government provides much needed funding for libraries to provide public access to the Internet to everyone, critical databases for individuals and small businesses, homework help, and much more.

If you want to, include in your message a personal story about how your library makes a positive difference in your life!

Please share this message with your friends, family, and colleagues, and ask them to take this opportunity to support libraries in your state!

Thanks for taking the time to support libraries, not only during National Library Week, but all year long!

*A message from Michael Dowling, ALA Chapter Relations Office Director*