Pat Barbier, St. Petersburg College, August 2012 SuperStar Award Recipient

Each month, the Ask a Librarian team will pick an outstanding member that has shown exceptional participation in the program. This month’s AAL Super Star winner is Pat Barbier.

Pat is the site coordinator for St. Petersburg College as well as the Co-Chair of the Quality Assurance workgroup for Ask a Librarian. Pat has been active in AAL for over 7 years now, each year bringing a fresh new perspective to the group. This year Pat worked with Joyce Ward, co-chair of the QA worgroup, to come up with a new and exciting way to get our librarians motivated about Nominating chat transcripts.

Pat is an amazing supporter of Ask a Librarian and her dedication to the program is TREMENDOUS!

Please help me welcome this month’s SuperStar winner, Pat Barbier!