Susan Weiss, September AAL SuperStar

Susan Weiss, September AAL SuperStar

Each month, the Ask a Librarian team will pick an outstanding member that has shown exceptional participation in the program. This month’s AAL Super Star winner is Susan Weiss from Florida International University.

Susan is the Urban and Environmental Affairs Librarian for the Reference Department and the Site Coordinator for Florida International University libraries, Biscayne Bay Campus. Susan is also an Exemplary Reference Award winner for a brief chat in September 2010 and a teaching chat October 2007.

Susan is amazing, she frequently volunteers for shifts on both the Academic and Collaborative Desks. She regularly offers to help with shifts sent out by both AaL staff and those individuals emailing the listserv for last-minute help. It’s wonderful to have her support both colleagues on the Academic side as well as the collaborative desk. Susan is always encouraging new and existing staff at FIU to pick up weekly shifts.

Susan is a GREAT supporter of Ask a Librarian and her dedication to the program is MARVELOUS!

Please help me welcome this month’s SuperStar winner, Susan Weiss!