Susan Smith, October AAL SuperStar

Susan Smith, October AAL SuperStar

Each month, the Ask a Librarian team will pick an outstanding member that has shown exceptional participation in the program. This month’s AAL SuperStar winner is Susan Smith from Hodges University!

Susan is a Librarian and Site Coordinator for Hodges University. She was an Exemplary Reference Award winner for a brief chat in October 2008, a detailed chat in January 2010, and a detailed chat September 2011.She was also on Ask a Librarian’s SMS Committee, and served an integral role in choosing the best solution to meet the text messaging needs of residents across Florida.

Susan is a real go-getter, always ambitious and ready to help her colleagues on the Ask a Librarian desk. Whether it is to pick up an extra shift or fill in for someone who had a last minute obligation to fill, Susan is always right there to help!! She also helped her library roll out local desk customizations successfully to better serve their students.

Susan is an awesome supporter of Ask a Librarian and her commitment to the program is EXTRAORDINARY!

Please help me welcome this month’s SuperStar winner, Susan Smith!