SuperstarEach month, the Ask a Librarian team picks an outstanding member that has shown exceptional participation in the program. This month’s AAL SuperStar winner is Mary Kuipers from LeRoy Collins Leon County Public Library.

Mary is the Site Coordinator for LeRoy Collins Leon County Public library. She is a past Exemplary Reference winner of a teaching chat in May 2012.

Mary has INFECTIOUS enthusiasm about the service and is always motivational to get her staff excited about AAL. She has shared messages from the librarians at LCLCPL that have used AAL for a question and their response has always been that the service is “always helpful”. When our new marketing campaign came out with the yellow badges, Chris an AAL staff member from LCLCPL, took some exciting photos promoting the service. Mary shared those photos with us and we promoted them on the AAL Facebook page. Just another way to get involved and promote the service!

Mary is a TERRIFIC supporter of Ask a Librarian and her dedication to the program is beyond wonderful! You are an inspiration Mary!

Please help me congratulate this month’s SuperStar winner, Mary Kuipers!