December 2012 Stats

Usage Summary

Mobile APP Chat Sessions12 Mobile Chat Sessions147
Standard Chat Sessions1,527
Instant Invite Chat Sessions23
Widget Chat Sessions731
Total Chat Sessions2,440
E-mail Sessions1,081
Text Sessions327
December 2012 total sessions3,848
Fiscal 2012-201318,496
Total use 2011 -201283,400
Participating Libraries127

Top entry by chat

  1. Florida State University
  2. Orange County Public Library Sytem
  3. University of South Florida Libraries
  4. Tampa Hillsborough Public Library System
  5. St. Petersburg College
  6. University of Florida
  7. Nova Southeastern University
  8. Broward County Public Library
  9. Jacksonville Public Library
  10. Miami Dade Public Library


  • Total Trained: 34
  • Number of Sessions:4
  • Classes Offered: Introductory Training Series, 2-Hour Refresher, AaL Flash Tips: Creating Scripts & Bookmarks

Live Chat

Local Desks671
Total Chat2,440

Local Stats by Entry Point


Ask a Librarian widgets embedded on a web page allow your patrons to chat, text, or email without leaving your website. The Ask a Librarian SmartButton indicates whether chat is being staffed. Choose from the pool of existing designs, or tell us your preferred characteristics and color scheme for a truly customizable user feature. An iframe tag places the AaL hosted widget anywhere on your page, although it’s also possible to use our documentation to place the code on your own hosted page without using an iframe.

This widget was created for SCFMS and is on their Primo page.

Instant Invite

Instant Invite is a proactive chat that can be set it up so when a patron arrives on a library page the chat will pop onto the screen. Or if they run a search in the catalog and receive no results, a pop up will ask them if they want to chat with a librarian. Everything about this can be customized. Find out more about Instant Invite. Contact us if you would like to set one up for your library.