This week’s motivational minute is from James Larson at Palm Beach County Library System. He had a question from a student at St. Petersburg College looking for information on endocarditis that was written/published by a nursing journal or professional organization. James first directed the student to SPC’s LibGuides and connected him with the Nursing Student resources. Then moved him into the medical database, CINAHL. He continued to show him to set parameters to limit to the last 5 years and advanced searching options. The student then thanked James for finding a “bunch of articles”! James provided the student with great research assistance to make for this week’s motivational minute!

Chat Transcript: Log Started Mon Feb 25 14:20:19 PST 2013

[14:29:41] You have been connected to PBCLS – James L.
[14:29:49] Customer: hi there!! i need to find an article about endocarditis that was written/published by a NURSING journal or professional NURSING organization….the article must have been written within the last 5 years
[14:29:58] PBCLS – James L: Hi there, thank you for your question!
[14:30:09] Customer: thankx for helping me!
[14:30:23] PBCLS – James L: And you don’t remember the title or author?
[14:30:38] Customer: a previous librarina gave me few article but they must be a NURSING article
[14:31:19] Customer: not have not found an article that applies to the requirements….it’s about endocartis by the way!
[14:32:02] PBCLS – James L: Ok, so you have a set list of journals that would qualify as a Nursing Journal, I presume?
[14:32:34] PBCLS – James L: Ah, I have something for you.
[14:32:54] PBCLS – James L: You library at St. Petersburg College made a little guide for nursing students to library resources…
[14:32:57] PBCLS – James L:
[14:33:44] PBCLS – James L: In the center of the page is a list of databases that look very useful…
[14:33:53] Customer: it’s sort of weird….the journal must be written within the last 5 years by a nursing journal or nursing professional organization and it must be about endocarditis
[14:34:05] PBCLS – James L: The first one, CINAHL looks good.
[14:34:28] Customer: ok will check onit
[14:34:28] PBCLS – James L: Oh, so you just need something that meets that criteria, and you weren’t searching for something you found before?
[14:34:59] PBCLS – James L: I have it at my library as well, as luck would have it, so I can more or less guide you through it. You may need to log in to your college account to access it, however.
[14:35:01] PBCLS – James L: Are you able to do this?
[14:35:11] Customer: right…have not been able to find an article that meets my requirements
[14:35:41] Customer: yes i’m able to log in!
[14:35:43] PBCLS – James L: Well, but using this database we take care of the first requirment right off the bat, that it be a nursing journal.
[14:36:15] PBCLS – James L: Now all we need to do it to limit our results to the past five years and do a subject or keyword search for “endocarditis”
[14:36:56] PBCLS – James L: Ok, go ahead and pull up the database. When i pull it up I see a mostly empty screen with a search bar in the middle. A green circle is off to the left that says “EBSCO” but CINAHL is above the box indicating that it’s searching that database.
[14:37:03] PBCLS – James L: Let me know when you’re ready .
[14:37:35] Customer: ok but not ready yet
[14:39:47] PBCLS – James L: Let me know when you are.
[14:42:46] Customer: i’m there logged in!!!
[14:44:46] PBCLS – James L: Ok great.
[14:44:59] PBCLS – James L: Do you see a small thing that says “search options”?
[14:45:28] Customer: looking for it
[14:46:16] Customer: no cant find it!!!
[14:46:34] PBCLS – James L: Hmmm. Do you see the big search bar with the green circle next to it?
[14:47:30] Customer: on the very top you mean?? by the blue and green circle??
[14:47:59] PBCLS – James L: Hmmm, sure.
[14:48:06] PBCLS – James L: Mine is more or less in the middle.
[14:48:43] Customer: is it on this link??
[14:48:45] Customer:
[14:50:24] PBCLS – James L: Hmmm, can’t load.
[14:50:36] PBCLS – James L: Well, right below the search bar, do you see anything at all?
[14:50:58] PBCLS – James L: I see all these right below my search bar…
[14:51:00] PBCLS – James L: Search Options Basic Search Advanced Search Visual Search Search History
[14:51:08] Customer: yes i do see it
[14:51:21] PBCLS – James L: Ok. Click on “Search Options”
[14:51:41] PBCLS – James L: A big thing will open up right below, with a bunch of options.
[14:52:22] PBCLS – James L: One of which will be “Published Date”
[14:52:32] Customer: u mean a bunch of squares??
[14:53:08] PBCLS – James L: Hmmmm, not really…
[14:53:13] PBCLS – James L: What do some of the squares say?
[14:55:26] Customer: i found the publish date!!!!
[14:56:08] PBCLS – James L: great!
[14:56:21] PBCLS – James L: So since you just need the past five years, put in 2009
[14:56:40] Customer: yep just done it
[14:56:41] PBCLS – James L: leave everything else blank, but type out that disorder you’re looking for in the search box.
[14:56:46] PBCLS – James L: Then click search
[14:57:34] Customer: it says no results found
[14:58:38] PBCLS – James L: Ok.
[14:58:43] PBCLS – James L: Go back to the search page if you can.
[14:59:17] Customer: back there then!!!
[15:00:22] PBCLS – James L: Ok, can you tell me what options are selected?
[15:00:38] PBCLS – James L: Under “Search Modes” I have “Find all my search terms.”
[15:01:05] PBCLS – James L: I have “journal subset” is set to “all” and publication type is set to “all”
[15:01:23] PBCLS – James L: Under published date from I left the month fields blank
[15:01:29] PBCLS – James L: only typed out 2009
[15:01:34] PBCLS – James L: left the other year field blank
[15:01:53] PBCLS – James L: and then just typed out your endocarditis in the big search box at the top.
[15:02:18] Customer: i went to the search box and typed endocarditis
[15:02:35] Customer: then on the left side says refine search and i changed the date
[15:03:21] Customer: i think it worked!
[15:03:27] PBCLS – James L: ok great!
[15:03:30] Customer: there is a bunch of articles
[15:03:57] PBCLS – James L: Yeah, I saw a bunch.
[15:04:08] Customer: well i’m gonna read then and if there is nothing interseting i will contacting u back
[15:04:15] PBCLS – James L: Ok, great!
[15:04:19] Customer: thank you James!!!!
[15:04:19] PBCLS – James L: Anything else I can do for you?
[15:04:27] Customer: nope!
[15:04:33] Customer: thank you!
[15:04:52] PBCLS – James L: Ok great, good luck!
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