September 2013 Exemplary Reference Award Winners

The Quality Assurance Workgroup is happy to award the following transcripts for the September 2013 Exemplary Reference Awards.

Brief Exemplary Reference Award: Kristin Jernigan, Polk State College

The patron was having trouble accessing articles in full-text within the database and Kristen very quickly diagnosed the problem (the patron hadn’t logged-in) and found a work-around when the patron still couldn’t get the articles. She was quick, efficient and kind. All great things for a librarian to be.

Mallory Mattmuller, Pasco County Library System
Mallory Mattmuller, Pasco County Library System

Detailed Exemplary Reference Award: Mallory Mattmuller, Alachua County Public Library (Now Pasco County Library System)

A truly difficult question given the lack of digital records for historical maps and yet Mallory offered many possible solutions. Contact information for historical and cartography societies as well as pushed maps from state institutions were quickly offered. The patron appreciated the effort and the lead.





Tony Valenti, Edison State College
Tony Valenti, Edison State College

Teaching Exemplary Reference Award: Anthony Valenti, Edison State College

Anthony expertly instructed the patron how to find the resources for an assignment he was working on. By the end of the transaction the student learned how to navigate his school’s website, refine his search, conduct an advanced search and how to properly cite his paper.



The three winning transcripts can be read at:

Each month we receive numerous nominations for fantastic reference. Here are the other nominees.

Brief Chat:

Lori Lowery, Lee County Library System
Daniel B, Manatee County
Suzanne M, West Florida Public Library
Bronwyn, Ask a Librarian Staff
Hadi S, Palm Beach State
Susan S, Hodges University
Sarah H, FIU
Diana, Ask a Librarian Staff
Shaundra L, FSU Libraries
Maggie H, FSU Libraries
Sonja P, FSU Libraries
Sarah B, FSU Libraries

Detailed Chat:

Hadi S, Palm Beach State
Connie Holzinger, Lee County Library System
Catherine N, Palm Beach County
Sharon R, Orange County
Royce B, St Johns River State College
Carolyn W, Alachua County
Jaime G, Ask a Librarian Staff
Guy A, Jacksonville PL
Sarah B, FSU Libraries
Sonja P, FSU Libraries

Teaching Chat:

Alicia Ellison, HCC – Ybor City Campus
Cathy Burnsed, Leon County Public Library
Susan A, USF
Susan S, Hodges University
Lauri, FAU
Kathleen H, Delray Beach
Amelia K, Southwest Florida College
Bronwyn M, Ask a Librarian Staff
Sonja P, FSU Libraries
Sarah B, FSU Libraries
Abby S, FSU Libraries
Jessica B, FSU Libraries

Nominate: Show your statewide colleagues that you value the customer service they provide to your patrons and students with a nomination. You can nominate yourself or your co-workers sessions in the Ask a Librarian Toolbox at: or when closing a live chat session.


A huge thanks to everyone for all their hard work on Ask a Librarian – without each of you, Ask a Librarian would not be a success.