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Mobile APP Chat Sessions8 Mobile Chat Sessions120
Standard Chat Sessions2,529
Instant Invite Chat Sessions228
Widget Chat Sessions1,920
Gale -Widget Chat Sessions302
Total Chat Sessions5,107
E-mail Sessions2,318
Text Sessions408
April 2014 total sessions7,833
Fiscal 2013-201452,943
Total use 2012 -201375,868
Participating Libraries131

Top entry by chat

  1. Florida State University
  2. St. Petersburg College
  3. Orange County Public Library
  4. NOVA Southeastern University
  5. University of South Florida
  6. Tampa Hillsborough Public Library
  7. University of Florida
  8. Jacksonville Public Library
  9. Broward County Public Library
  10. State College of Florida


  • Total Trained: 11
  • Number of Sessions: 3
  • Video On-Demand Views: 91
  • Classes Offered: Online Introductory Training Series, Drupal for Site Coordinators
  • Self Paced Registrants: 19

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Live Chat

Local Desks: 1,753 
Academic: 571 
Collaborative: 2,783 
Total Chat: 5,107 

Local Stats by Entry Point

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Yearly Comparison

Yearly Comparison

April 2013 vs April 2014