April 2014 Exemplary Reference Awards

The Quality Assurance Workgroup is happy to award the following transcripts for the April 2014 Exemplary Reference Awards.

Brief Exemplary Reference Award: Cindy Dorfeld Bruckman , Alachua County Library District Library

Cindy was able to help the customer find a reliable resource for issues in the Middle East during the Cold War quickly and efficiently.

Detailed Exemplary Reference Award: Debora Stewart, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Debora helped a customer locate multiple resources on how higher education can change a person’s perspective on their culture.

Teaching Exemplary Reference Award: Claire Miller, South Florida State College

Claire was able to teach a customer how to use databases and find information on rational emotive behavioral therapy for couples in group therapy.

Transcripts: The three winning transcripts can be read on the toolbox website: http://info.askalibrarian.org/toolbox/april-2014-exemplary-reference-awards-transcripts/.

Each month we receive numerous nominations for fantastic reference. Here are the other nominees.

Brief Chat:

Ingrid Pasco, Hernando SC
Maggie H, Florida State University (FSU Libraries)
Emily W, Goldstein FSU
Timothy T, Goldstein FSU
Laura C., Lee County
Matt T, USF Libraries
Laura R, NOVA
Anne Rice, Monroe County Library System
Royce B, St. John’s River State College
Lena P, South Florida SC
Guy A, Jacksonville Public

Detailed Chat:

Timothy T, Goldstein FSU
Susan S, Hodges University –
Mindy B, Florida State University (FSU Libraries)
Sarah B, Florida State University (FSU Libraries)
Melanie H, Orange County Library System –
Mary Beth, Heartland Library Cooperative
Sally B, Alachua County
Erin A, Marion County
Dawn B, Goldstein FSU –
Shaundra L, Florida State University (FSU Libraries)
Jessica K, Jersey College
Bronwyn M, Ask A Librarian Staff
Abby S, Florida State University (FSU Libraries)

Teaching Chat:

Amelia K, Southern Technical College
Kristen D, Daytona State
Ingrid, Pasco Hernando SC
Bronwyn, Seminole State College of Florida

Nominate: Show your statewide colleagues that you value the customer service they provide to your patrons and students with a nomination. You can nominate yourself or your co-workers sessions in the Ask a Librarian Toolbox or when closing a live chat session.


A huge thanks to everyone for all their hard work on Ask a Librarian – without each of you, Ask a Librarian would not be a success.