Usage Summary

Mobile APP Chat Sessions 4
Facebook Chat Sessions 0 Mobile Chat Sessions 233
Standard Chat Sessions 1,879
Instant Invite Chat Sessions 167
Widget Chat Sessions 1,443
Gale -Widget Chat Sessions 207
Total Chat Sessions 3,933
E-mail Sessions 2,066
Text Sessions 485
March 2015 total sessions 6,484
Fiscal 2014-2015 38,033
Total use 2013 -2014 83,287
Participating Libraries 131

Top entry by chat

  1. FSU
  2. SPC
  3. USF
  4. NOVA
  5. Jacksonville Public Library
  6. Orange County Public Library
  7. State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota
  8. Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library
  9. University of Florida
  10. University of Central Florida


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Live Chat

Local Desks: 1,320
Academic: 499
Collaborative: 2,114
Total Chat: 3,933

Local Stats by Entry Point

Provides a breakdown for each member libraries individual chat, email and text message statistics.
Chat, Email, and Text

March Stats Comparison

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Yearly Totals

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