Quality Assurance Workgroup

The Quality Assurance (QA) workgroup has two main functions. One, to read and select exemplary chat transcripts from the collaborative desks that will give recognition to the hard-working librarians who staff the service. The second is to highlight those exemplary chats so that other librarians who staff the service have good examples that will guide them in their digital reference work. Each member of the workgroup reads a set of transcripts each month. The group then nominates a chat transcript winner in two categories: best brief and best detailed chat. To get to know your Quality Assurance Workgroup Members, read their short bios by selecting their name from the list below.

Judy Kuhns, University of Central Florida (Co-Chair)


Laurie Bates, Sarasota County Public Library (Co-Chair)


Sara Alegría, Miami-Dade College


Jules Bailey, Tallahassee Community College


Maria Barakovskykh, State College of Florida


Andrew Beman-Cavallaro, Pasco-Hernando State College


Kelly Bohannan-Caudel, Seminole County Public Libraries


Sarah Dockray, Valencia College


Cathay Keough, Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources





Andy Todd, EFSC/UCF Joint Use Library in Cocoa Beach



What awards are given?

Brief Chat – 15 minutes or under
Detailed Chat – 16-30+ minutes

What do the workgroup members look for in an exemplary chat?

Accuracy – Correct Information
Authority – Valid credible sources
Objectivity – Not biased
Currency – If topic that requires it to be up-to-date
Coverage –Enough information for the topic

What’s the process of awarding winning transcripts?

Members of the workgroup read through a month’s worth of chat transcripts divided amongst themselves, nominate a brief and detailed chat for review, and vote for a winner in both of the categories.

Can I nominate someone for an exemplary chat?

At this time, there is not a nomination process for exemplary reference awards. Members of this workgroup are responsible for nominating and voting for the best chat transcripts.

How do I become a member of the QA workgroup?

Contact Kelly Doty at Kelly@tblc.org


Here’s an overview video and powerpoint