Working Groups

Advisory Committee: The Advisory Committee for Collaborative Statewide Live Reference (commonly called the Virtual Reference Advisory Committee) was formed in September 2002. The committee is charged with helping CCLA and TBLC to set up the service and to select the software that will power the statewide Virtual Reference service. In addition to having input into the design and implementation of the service, they will identify guidelines, best practices, and areas of concern.

Quality Assurance Workgroup:  The Quality Assurance (QA) workgroup has two main functions. One, to read and select exemplary chat transcripts that will give recognition to the hard-working librarians who staff the service. The second is to highlight exemplary chats so that other librarians who staff the service have good examples that will guide them in their digital reference work. Each member of the workgroup reads a set of transcripts for one day of each month. The group then nominates a chat transcript winner in three categories: best brief, best detailed and best teaching chat.

Ask a Librarian Mentors: The Ask a Librarian Mentors are librarians who have experience working with real patrons in live chat through Ask a Librarian and work with newly-trained staff to help them navigate the virtual reference environment. From live, one-on-one guidance during actual patron chats to anytime-emails of reassurance or feedback and support, mentors work with staff to help them meet their individual goals in chat reference on Ask a Librarian.