AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages

When you search google for “Ask a Librarian” on a phone, the first result is Ask a Librarian’s AMP page. Google shows that this is a valid AMP page by placing the AMP logo and name before the Search Result Snippet.

AMP Specification and page caching by Google result in very fast page loads

AMP logo

AMP logo

Ask a Librarian created an AMP page for statewide chat in August 2016. Chats from this chat widget began the next month.

Conversion Rate of 46.8%

While only 31 patrons viewed this page, it resulted in 22 chats offered. This is an extremely high conversion rate of 46.8%

What kind of questions are answered?

  • Lake County librarian helping Orange County patron place a hold on a book at OCLS
  • Patron wanting an ebook
  • 5th grader needing help with a book
  • Patron having Kindle trouble
  • Patron directed to Florida Electronic Library for databases
  • St. Petersburg Library System librarian helping a Leon Country patron find a book at the Main Library

Who else publishes AMP pages?

Many sites now publish AMP pages. Here are some screenshots from the Google mobile news carousel, which are all AMP pages. img_5379 img_5380 img_5381 img_5382 img_5383 img_5384 img_5385

Page Size 98KB, Load time 0.7s, 4 requests

The AMP specification and Google caching result in a fast-loading page.

Ask a Librarian AMP page search results

AMP page search results

AMP page search results

Ask a Librarian AMP page screenshot

AMP page

Chats from AMP page by Operating System

AMP page chat by OS

Chats from AMP page by Browser

AMP chats by browser

Chats answered and missed

AMP chats offered and answered

AMP chats offered and answered

Page Visits By Device

Page views by devices

Page views by devices