Monday’s Motivational Minute – James PBCLS

This week’s motivational minute is from James Larson at Palm Beach County Library System. He had a question from a student at St. Petersburg College looking for information on endocarditis that was written/published by a nursing journal or professional organization. James first directed the student to SPC’s LibGuides and connected him with the Nursing Student resources. Then moved him into the medical database, CINAHL. He continued to show him to set parameters to limit to the last 5 years and advanced searching options. The student then thanked James for finding a “bunch of articles”! James provided the student with great research assistance to make for this week’s motivational minute!

Chat Transcript: Log Started Mon Feb 25 14:20:19 PST 2013

[14:29:41] You have been connected to PBCLS – James L.
[14:29:49] Customer: hi there!! i need to find an article about endocarditis that was written/published by a NURSING journal or professional NURSING organization….the article must have been written within the last 5 years
[14:29:58] PBCLS – James L: Hi there, thank you for your question!
[14:30:09] Customer: thankx for helping me!
[14:30:23] PBCLS – James L: And you don’t remember the title or author?
[14:30:38] Customer: a previous librarina gave me few article but they must be a NURSING article
[14:31:19] Customer: not have not found an article that applies to the requirements….it’s about endocartis by the way!
[14:32:02] PBCLS – James L: Ok, so you have a set list of journals that would qualify as a Nursing Journal, I presume?
[14:32:34] PBCLS – James L: Ah, I have something for you.
[14:32:54] PBCLS – James L: You library at St. Petersburg College made a little guide for nursing students to library resources…
[14:32:57] PBCLS – James L:
[14:33:44] PBCLS – James L: In the center of the page is a list of databases that look very useful…
[14:33:53] Customer: it’s sort of weird….the journal must be written within the last 5 years by a nursing journal or nursing professional organization and it must be about endocarditis
[14:34:05] PBCLS – James L: The first one, CINAHL looks good.
[14:34:28] Customer: ok will check onit
[14:34:28] PBCLS – James L: Oh, so you just need something that meets that criteria, and you weren’t searching for something you found before?
[14:34:59] PBCLS – James L: I have it at my library as well, as luck would have it, so I can more or less guide you through it. You may need to log in to your college account to access it, however.
[14:35:01] PBCLS – James L: Are you able to do this?
[14:35:11] Customer: right…have not been able to find an article that meets my requirements
[14:35:41] Customer: yes i’m able to log in!
[14:35:43] PBCLS – James L: Well, but using this database we take care of the first requirment right off the bat, that it be a nursing journal.
[14:36:15] PBCLS – James L: Now all we need to do it to limit our results to the past five years and do a subject or keyword search for “endocarditis”
[14:36:56] PBCLS – James L: Ok, go ahead and pull up the database. When i pull it up I see a mostly empty screen with a search bar in the middle. A green circle is off to the left that says “EBSCO” but CINAHL is above the box indicating that it’s searching that database.
[14:37:03] PBCLS – James L: Let me know when you’re ready .
[14:37:35] Customer: ok but not ready yet
[14:39:47] PBCLS – James L: Let me know when you are.
[14:42:46] Customer: i’m there logged in!!!
[14:44:46] PBCLS – James L: Ok great.
[14:44:59] PBCLS – James L: Do you see a small thing that says “search options”?
[14:45:28] Customer: looking for it
[14:46:16] Customer: no cant find it!!!
[14:46:34] PBCLS – James L: Hmmm. Do you see the big search bar with the green circle next to it?
[14:47:30] Customer: on the very top you mean?? by the blue and green circle??
[14:47:59] PBCLS – James L: Hmmm, sure.
[14:48:06] PBCLS – James L: Mine is more or less in the middle.
[14:48:43] Customer: is it on this link??
[14:48:45] Customer:
[14:50:24] PBCLS – James L: Hmmm, can’t load.
[14:50:36] PBCLS – James L: Well, right below the search bar, do you see anything at all?
[14:50:58] PBCLS – James L: I see all these right below my search bar…
[14:51:00] PBCLS – James L: Search Options Basic Search Advanced Search Visual Search Search History
[14:51:08] Customer: yes i do see it
[14:51:21] PBCLS – James L: Ok. Click on “Search Options”
[14:51:41] PBCLS – James L: A big thing will open up right below, with a bunch of options.
[14:52:22] PBCLS – James L: One of which will be “Published Date”
[14:52:32] Customer: u mean a bunch of squares??
[14:53:08] PBCLS – James L: Hmmmm, not really…
[14:53:13] PBCLS – James L: What do some of the squares say?
[14:55:26] Customer: i found the publish date!!!!
[14:56:08] PBCLS – James L: great!
[14:56:21] PBCLS – James L: So since you just need the past five years, put in 2009
[14:56:40] Customer: yep just done it
[14:56:41] PBCLS – James L: leave everything else blank, but type out that disorder you’re looking for in the search box.
[14:56:46] PBCLS – James L: Then click search
[14:57:34] Customer: it says no results found
[14:58:38] PBCLS – James L: Ok.
[14:58:43] PBCLS – James L: Go back to the search page if you can.
[14:59:17] Customer: back there then!!!
[15:00:22] PBCLS – James L: Ok, can you tell me what options are selected?
[15:00:38] PBCLS – James L: Under “Search Modes” I have “Find all my search terms.”
[15:01:05] PBCLS – James L: I have “journal subset” is set to “all” and publication type is set to “all”
[15:01:23] PBCLS – James L: Under published date from I left the month fields blank
[15:01:29] PBCLS – James L: only typed out 2009
[15:01:34] PBCLS – James L: left the other year field blank
[15:01:53] PBCLS – James L: and then just typed out your endocarditis in the big search box at the top.
[15:02:18] Customer: i went to the search box and typed endocarditis
[15:02:35] Customer: then on the left side says refine search and i changed the date
[15:03:21] Customer: i think it worked!
[15:03:27] PBCLS – James L: ok great!
[15:03:30] Customer: there is a bunch of articles
[15:03:57] PBCLS – James L: Yeah, I saw a bunch.
[15:04:08] Customer: well i’m gonna read then and if there is nothing interseting i will contacting u back
[15:04:15] PBCLS – James L: Ok, great!
[15:04:19] Customer: thank you James!!!!
[15:04:19] PBCLS – James L: Anything else I can do for you?
[15:04:27] Customer: nope!
[15:04:33] Customer: thank you!
[15:04:52] PBCLS – James L: Ok great, good luck!
[15:05:01] Thank you for using Ask a Librarian.

Monday’s Motivational Minute – Deb USF St. Petersburg

This week’s motivational minute is from Deb Henry at USF St. Petersburg. She had a questions from a student on the academic desk from Florida Gulf Coast University about not having any luck finding journal articles on brainstorming, thinking she may have been searching incorrectly. Using her great reference skills, Deb was able to ask the right questions to find out what brainstorming topics the student really needed like brainstorming from a psychological viewpoint or how people brainstorm in a business environment or just in general.

Deb pointed her to the correct database, subject heading and limiting the results on the returned search page. Deb finished by telling the student that ” Getting into a database that covers the subject matter is half the battle and then just some trial and error with terms to use. At the end the student was so appreciative and said Deb had been such a big help. Another rewarding chat with a grateful student. THANKS Deb!

Question: Hi there- I am not having any luck finding journals for a specific topic. Perhaps I am searching incorrectly?

You have been connected to Deb – USF St. Petersburg.
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: Welcome to Ask a Librarian; my name is Deb and I will assist you today.
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: Hi, what is your topic and what databases or resources have you been using?
Patron: Brainstorming
Patron: I have been using my schools Journal database
Patron: I need to find a few journals w/ 1, 2, and 3-7 authors
Patron: Not having any luck. Maybe I am doing it wrong?
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: Are you looking at brainstorming from a psychological viewpoint or how people brainstorm in a business environment or just in general? Also, do I understand the you need to find at least one article written by one author another by two authors and then at least a third that has 3 or more authors?
Patron: Yes, that is what I need to find.
Patron: Actually, just general
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: FGCU doesn’t let me see what databases you have access to (I’m from USFSP) but if you have access to a database called Academic Search Premier or Omnifile full text Mega, I can go into those through my library and work with you that way.
Patron: Hmm..I’m not sure if I do
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: From the FGCU library home page you should see a link to DATABASES under the Find Books and articles heading on the left side of the screen
Patron: Ok, yes I have access to that
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: The system will ask you to log into using your student information but you should then be able to see what databases are available.
Patron: Ok I found Omnifile
Patron: That one is listed in the Databases. I do not have Academic Search Premier access
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: I will go into my Omni file
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: If you type in brainstorming, you will get a lot of hits. I would look on the left and select scholarly journals (peer-reviewed) and narrow the results
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: The most recent article should appear first in your list and then the articles will get older.
Patron: Terrific
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: Brainstorming is actually a subject heading so if you redo the search and change the pull down menu to SU for subject from any field, you will improve relevancy
Patron: Is there any way to tell it to search for a certain number of authors? Or that will just be me searching it out?
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: Let me look at that
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: I don’t think they have an option for the number of authors but you can change the number of results per page to 50 instead of 10 per page which is the default. That way you could scan more quickly through the list and mark the articles that have potential.
Patron: Excellent!
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: For example on my list as you get into the teens, I see some articles with multiple authors
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: I do see some 2 author articles as well.
Patron: Okay so it is just a matter of searching
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: Getting into a database that covers the subject matter is half the battle and then just some trial and error with terms to use but brainstorming looks like a popular topic.
Patron: Okay great
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: Can I help you with anything else?
Patron: No, thank you. You have been such a big help! Thank you so much
Deb – USF St. Petersburg: You are welcome. Good luck with your assignment

Monday’s Motivational Minute – Pammy

Monday’s Motivational Minute from Ask a Librarian on Vimeo.

This motivational minute comes to us from the Quality Assurance Workgroup. Pammy from Osceola County Public library received a question from a patron asking if guinea pigs can raise there young together. Pammy found 3 different resources that helped the patron find the answer and led them to a discussion about animals, the state law on breeding and medications for animals. Pammy was able to find the patron exactly what she was looking for and more! Just another rewarding chat with Ask a Librarian. Thanks Pammy for making our Motivational Minute and taking the extra step for the happy patron!

Read the full transcript here:

Monday’s Motivational Minute – Gary Parsons

Monday’s Motivational Minute from Ask a Librarian on Vimeo.

Today’s motivational minute comes to us from a chat Gary Parsons, from Florida Atlantic University, had with a student. The student was looking for information on homosexuality and the diversity of our society. Gary was able to point out specific databases on the topic including Opposing viewpoints and Generwatch. At the end the student replied with “thank you so much, you helped alot!” Another rewarding chat with a grateful student. Thanks Gary for letting us share this motivational minute!

Motivational Minute – Sally Bissel

Today’s motivational minute comes to us from Sally Bissel in Lee County Library. Sally received a question from a patron looking to change up the style of her pixie haircut. She wanted to know how to make it more girly, and perhaps explore different styles she could wear. Sally first gave a suggestion about a talented young Oscar-nominated actress who recently played Marilyn Monroe in a movie… an actress who had a great pixie cut. The patron was delighted – not only did she know who Sally was talking about, but it was the same actress whose style influenced her own decision on a pixie cut!  Sally sent her to several different websites that showed some great examples of different styles and even Hats and headbands to make those styles pop. The patron thought they looked great and was so appreciative of all of Sally’s help. It just goes to show you can really ask a librarian anything. Awesome work Sally! Thanks for making today’s motivational minute!

Motivational Minute from Ask a Librarian on Vimeo.

Sally B. Lee County Library

I need some ideas for how to change up a pixie cut. Make it more girly, and just style it differently. Thanks!

You have been connected to Mary K (Leon County).
Mary K (Leon County): Hello, welcome to Ask a Librarian. I am Mary K (Leon County) and I will be assisting you today. Please wait a moment while I consider your question…
Patron: Thank you. 🙂
Mary K (Leon County): Let me see if I can find some good styling resources for you. Just a moment…
Patron: Okay.
Sally B (Lee County) has entered the session.
Mary K (Leon County): Patron, Sally B at Lee County will be helping us with your question…just a moment longer while we transfer your request to her! Thanks for your patience!
Sally B (Lee County): Hi Patron, Looks like we’re a tad too busy here for our own good this afternoon. So let me see what I can help you with.
Patron: Okay, thank you.
Patron: Don’t worry about it, take your time.
Sally B (Lee County): Are you looking for book sources or just hoping for some styling ideas online?
Patron: Online. I doubt there are too many books available. 🙂
Sally B (Lee County): I was just thinking of that talented young lady who recently played Marilyn Monroe and was nominated for an oscar. she had a great pixie cut.
Patron: I’m looking for ideas along the lines of hats, headbands, things like that.
Patron: Yes, Michele Williams. 🙂 I got my cut styled after hers! How funny.
Sally B (Lee County): Ohhhh, so not different ways to comb it out? Hmmm-actually I think you would be better with books for that. Are you going to make these hats/headbands, etc. No way, you did? That’s a crackup! OK< let me see what I can find.
Patron: Hey, if you can find books, that would be wonderful! I just didn’t think they would be as…I don’t know, available? Fitting? Whatever is easiest for you! 🙂
Sally B (Lee County): Well, this sure isn’t easy. I think I’m not using the right words to get what I want. I’m sending you a link to one website that shows little bows and jewelry to decorate a pixie. but hats? Well, that seems to be a bit harder.
The librarian is sending you to
Sally B (Lee County): Here’s something that looks nice.
Patron: 🙂 You’re having exactly the problem I had. That page was helpful, thank you! I also just found a blog, whick is helping me.
The librarian is sending you to
Sally B (Lee County): Check this one out at syle bakery. You know, I’m also thinking along the lines of a blog or an online forum.
Sally B (Lee County): Here’s another set of pictures with berets.
The librarian is sending you to
Patron: Those look great!
Sally B (Lee County): Not bad, huh?
Patron: Perfect! Thank you so much! I’m going to let you go, seeing as you’re busy, and keep doing my own personal research, and I’ll come back later if I still need help. Thank you, though, for your time!
Sally B (Lee County): OK, that was fun. Happy hat hunting. I’m feeling a shopping opportunity!
Patron: 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! I’ll look for you if I come again. I’m thinking the same. (wink) Have an awesome day.
Sally B (Lee County): Thanks, bye now. Thank you for using Ask a Librarian. You may now close this window.


Monday’s Motivational Minute

Motivational Minute from Ask a Librarian on Vimeo.

Did you feel rewarded last week after you had a great chat with a patron? Or Did you help a student find what they were looking for on a research paper? Maybe you helped someone find an old statue or code? or maybe you had the pleasure of sharing the patron’s a-ha moment when they learned from you how to search the databases successfully?

If so, share that information with us! We want to start sharing that with your statewide colleagues. Your story is important, and the help you bring to the patron extends far beyond your chat. Be an inspiration to our incredible Ask a Librarian community. Thanks to all of you, Ask a Librarian is a success year after year! Your impact on users across Florida really does make a difference, and your hard work never goes unnoticed!

Here is what I want you to do! Send us your message or that great feeling and we will share a biweekly video with the Ask a Librarian Community expressing what awesome and motivational reference you are providing.

Monday’s Motivational Minute

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