Ask a Librarian Mentoring Program

You’ve already attended training – but you just haven’t had much opportunity to practice or staff the chat reference desk… sound familiar?

Are you trying to staff chat now, but still feeling a little like a fish out of water?

Would you like someone to help you apply your knowledge and skills to the exciting world of chat reference?


The Ask a Librarian Mentoring Program can help.
Since 2009, the Ask a Librarian Mentoring Program has helped library staff apply their in-house knowledge to the virtual setting. From live, one-on-one guidance during actual patron chats to anytime-emails of reassurance or feedback and support, your mentor will work with you to meet your individual goals in chat reference on Ask a Librarian.

What is an Ask a Librarian Mentor?
Ask a Librarian Mentors are librarians, just like you, who have experience working with real patrons in live chat through Ask a Librarian. Your mentor is there to share his or her knowledge, experiences, and wisdom in conducting chat reference and using the Ask a Librarian software. Your mentor’s foremost goal is to help you – to encourage your comfort, growth, and achievement in a warm, supportive environment.
Who can beat that?!

What will I learn?
Your mentor will help you to navigate successfully through the software (such as pushing nifty Web pages to patrons), to feel more comfortable utilizing online resources that help you – and your patron – during chats, tips on building and maintaining patron rapport from their own personal experiences, and more.

How does it work?
We’ll find you your very own ‘seasoned pro’. Your Ask a Librarian Mentor can work with you in pretend-patron practice sessions to gently guide you toward a level of increased comfort and performance during chat. Your mentor will work with you to establish a plan of action that best fits your needs and schedule. From emails and phone calls to practice sessions and real-time assistance during actual patron chats, your mentor is there to help you succeed!

Where do I start?
Interested? Just fill out this form to become a mentee. This will be private – just between you & your mentor. What do you have to lose, but maybe a little anxiety or fluttering stomach? Virtual reference experience builds your professional growth and your experience portfolio, so take advantage of your peers’ generosity and increase your skill & comfort levels in Ask a Librarian.

Questions? Just contact Traci Avet Hector, Ask a Librarian Virtual Reference Coordinator, at

OCLC Training Opportunity: Engaging with Patrons Online

OCLC: Engaging with Patrons Online
Friday, June 14 — 12:00 pm, Eastern (9:00 am, Pacific)

What makes a chat session good and what makes a chat session exceptional? Carla Pfahl, Coordinator of AskMN (Minnesota’s statewide virtual reference service), and Merrie Davidson, Social Sciences Librarian and fellow AskMN librarian at the University of St. Thomas, will look at how to conduct a reference interview and what makes an exceptional reference transaction. Register today!


For information on Ask a Librarian training, please contact Virtual Reference Coordinator Traci Avet Hector at

FEL Training from the State Library of Florida

This is just a friendly reminder that the State Library of Florida offers terrific on-demand and live webinar training opportunities (in-person by request) on Florida Electronic Library resources.

“The Florida Electronic Library—your gateway to superior electronic resources that offer access to comprehensive, accurate, and reliable information—offers a training program designed to meet the needs of all library staff. With its blended curriculum, you can take advantage of the training that best suits your learning style: on demand, live webinar, or on-site in your library.”

Register Today!

Check out these upcoming trainings:

The New Demographics Now: Sep 18, 2012 11:00 am
FEL Resources and the Common Core: Sep 19, 2012 8:30 am
Finding Online Resources For Library Programming: Sep 24, 2012 3:30 pm
FEL Homework Help Resources: Sep 25, 2012 12:00 pm
FEL Health Resources: Oct 1, 2012 1:00 pm
The New Demographics Now: Oct 17, 2012 1:00 pm

Hot Topics Webinar: Customer Service Excellence, or How to Win an Exemplary Reference Award


Hot Topics: Customer Service Excellence, or How to Win an Exemplary Reference Award 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
2-3 pm ET

We all know the importance of customer service in reference, but the unique environment of chat reference sometimes presents a few unique challenges, too. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure a helpful and efficient chat reference experience for you and your virtual patrons.
In this webinar, Susan Livingston of South Florida State College, who has won four Exemplary Reference Awards, will provide the tips and tricks she has developed for superior customer service. Pat Barbier of St. Petersburg College, co-chair of the Quality Assurance Workgroup, will provide valuable tips and insights from the QA perspective on how you can ensure excellent customer service for your patrons.
Let Susan and Pat give you all the tools you need to provide customer service excellence in the virtual reference environment. Register today!

Webinar: High Anxiety: Increasing your Comfort Level on the Statewide Desk

High Anxiety: Increasing your Comfort Level on the Statewide Desk
Wed., Aug. 22, 10-11 am ET

  • Does the idea of answering statewide chat questions make you feel hesitant and uncomfortable?
  • Do you feel a little like a fish out of water when you’re scheduled to cover the Collaborative or Academic Desk for your library?

If you feel anxiety while waiting to help statewide chat patrons, you are not alone. Even the most capable and confident of librarians can feel a reduced sense of comfort when answering collaborative chat questions on the statewide desk.

You bring a lot to the table. This webinar will offer the perspective you need to lasso the comfort you that you have in-house and draw that into the virtual reference environment.

Register Today! FEL on the Statewide Desk: A Staff Webinar Series

Introducing a series to help you help patrons on the statewide Ask a Librarian desks…

State library long logo

FEL on the Statewide Desk:  A Staff Webinar Series


FEL on the Statewide Desk: PowerSearch
Monday, August 27, 1-2p ET

Put that aspirin away! With Gale PowerSearch, you can instantly access periodical and reference content in multiple Gale resources from a single starting point, while also cross-searching eBooks in the Gale Virtual Reference Library. Discover the powerful features available to you and patrons across Florida in this informative webinar.

FEL on the Statewide Desk: Academic OneFile
Monday, September 10, 1-2p ET

Are you looking for peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the world’s leading journals and reference resources? With extensive coverage of all academic disciplines, Academic OneFile is authoritative and comprehensive – explore this incredible resource and find out how Academic OneFile can help you help patrons.

FEL on the Statewide Desk: Business Resources
Monday, September 17, 1-2p ET

Do you know how to access costly investment reports or sample business plans? Did you know that Demographics Now can help patrons decide where and what types of businesses are needed in your community, or that Gale Virtual Reference Library has a great selection of business/career e-books? This course will explain all those tools and more!

FEL on the Statewide Desk: Homework Help
Monday, September 24, 1-2p ET

Looking for a little help with those “homework help” questions? Look no further! Learn all about the best FEL resources to assist elementary, middle, and high school students with homework assignments. Attendees will be taught the most effective and efficient search strategies to obtain the best set of search results for student questions and research.

Register today, and let the Florida Electronic Library help you better serve our Florida state residents!

Ask a Librarian Texting Webinars

Confused about Texting in Ask a Librarian? Register today for a Texting Webinar:
Monday, October 15, 10-11 am ET

 Space is still available in these Ask a Librarian Texting webinars, which offer staff a step-by-step reminder of how texting works in Ask a Librarian. Find out exactly what your patrons or students need to do in order to ask a question via text for your library, and learn how Ask a Librarian staff answer those text questions in the Ask a Librarian software.

Register today for the E-Gov & Get Help Florida Website Webinar!

Register now for this webinar!

E-Gov & the Get Help Florida Website
Mon., June 11, 2-3 pm ET

Many government agencies are closing offices and offering services exclusively online. Because libraries provide public access computers and offer assistance to patrons seeking information, many citizens naturally turn to the library for help when accessing government information such as food stamps, unemployment compensation, and social security. However, these increasing demands burden already short-staffed libraries that are reducing their services due to budget constraints.

Get Help Florida,, is a website developed by the Pasco County Public Library Cooperative to serve as a statewide portal to valuable e-government resources for those in need of help. This webinar will show you how to successfully navigate the Get Help Florida resource and assist Florida residents in accessing the government services they need.

Last Chance to Register! Gale, eBooks, & You Webinar

Time is running out!

Sign up now to reserve your space in this timely webinar on nonfiction ebooks in the new GVRL interface.

Gale, eBooks, & You: The New Interface of the Gale Virtual Reference Library

Thursday, May 17, 2-3 pm ET

With electronic reference books from Gale and their publishing partners, you can help your patrons instantly access nonfiction eBooks (with any Internet-connected device) through the Gale Virtual Reference Library. The GVRL is one of many incredible resources available through the Florida Electronic Library… but there’s a new interface in town!

Learn about the Gale Virtual Reference Library and how to utilize its new interface to best help your library patrons in this webinar taught by Julie Pepera of Gale-Cengage.