Online Marketing Report

In late January, Ask a Librarian began a marketing campaign online through Google Ads. The media plan focused on two main goals: creating awareness of the Ask A Librarian Website and increasing usage of the Ask A Librarian service.  LURE  & Th!ink Creative Inc. developed a media plan to run for thirty days in two test  markets, Orlando and Jacksonville. Th!nk Creative chose select media that would reach a broad audience at a cost effective price. Since we know people consume media differently due to having busy lifestyles and budget constraints, our campaign was marketed online because the Internet is a major source for researching information.

Overall Results from the Online Marketing Campaign

The Online marketing campaign generated 5,650 unique clicks (users went directly to the website) over a thirty day period. The total impressions (number of times our ad appeared) from the ads exceeded 2,229,000. In just 30 days our ads created exposure to over 2 million people! The Click Through Rate (CTR) which is the number of unique clicks divided by the impressions our ad generated was 25%. This created direct exposure to new users through Google Ads. “Definition” was the top performing keyword throughout the entire campaign followed by “the dictionary” and “words dictionary”.

Our web programmer, Doug Furiato, has provided us with a break-down of how people are coming to through search engines by analyzing our Google Analytics report. Prior to this campaign, about 6% of our visitors found Ask a Librarian through a search engine, but since the campaign started, that number has increased to around 12% of our total visitors. That doubled the number of visitors finding our site!

We had an extensive list of ads that ran for thirty days. The list contained over 2400 keywords that were divided into subject ad groups.

Once the user ran a search that matched one of our keywords from the ad group, a series of seven different Google Ads populated. Th!nk Creative developed the following ads to attract a diverse age range of people.

Stuck? Ask-A-Librarian

Just about anything you need to know, we know where to find it.

Stumped? Ask-A-Librarian

Better answers because we’re real people. Real smart people.

Confused? Ask-A-Librarian

From term papers 2 final exams, the best answers come from real people.

Question? Ask-A-Librarian

Finding the answer is easy…because we know exactly where to look.

Term Paper Help?

Everyone needs an extra brain every now & then. Ask-A-Librarian.


Let us help cure your term paper blues. Real people. Real good advice.

Help with term papers?

Real people are better than search engines. Try Ask-A-Librarian.

The Goal Conversion Rate (GCR) has shown our best results. GCR is the percentage of visitors who make it to the chat or email login page from the search they conducted. For the month of February 35% of our visitors who found AaL via a search engine made it to a chat or email login page. Here is a breakdown of visits from the beginning of our campaign to the end of our campaign, with a continual rise in visits. Weekdays are the highest and Saturdays are the lowest.

View the complete report

November 2011 Exemplary Reference Awards

The Quality Assurance Workgroup is happy to award the following transcripts for the November 2011 Exemplary Reference Awards. Transcripts were awarded in three categories: Best Brief Chat, Best Detailed Chat, and Best Teaching Chat.

The three winning transcripts are at:

Show your statewide colleagues that you value the customer service they provide to your patrons and students with a nomination. You can nominate yourself or your co-workers sessions in the Ask a Librarian Toolbox at: or when closing a live chat session.

A huge thanks to everyone for all their hard work on Ask a Librarian – without each of you, Ask a Librarian would not be a success.

Brief Exemplary Chat: Rachael Neu, Florida Atlantic University 

Great job! Even though this was a brief chat, Rachael had several teaching moments. Patron was very pleased.

Detailed Exemplary Chat: Carlos Fernandez, Miami Dade College

Carlos went the extra step of sending a student resources when helping the student find both web and database primary resources on a lesser known history topic. The student appreciated the help!

Teaching Exemplary Chat: Wendy Dover,  Gulf Coast State College 

Wendy found excellent sources for a student who wanted primary and secondary sources. Wendy responded to the student’s request for primary sources from databases by finding one that allows limiting by primary sources. Good interaction with a patron who had previously been unsuccessful in using databases!

Congratulations to our winners!

Each month we receive numerous nominations for fantastic reference. Here are the other nominees:

Brief Chat:

Greg S, NOVA
Tom M, Citrus County
Jonathan D, Maitland Library
Ben E, Goldstein FSU
Jaime G, Ask a Librarian Staff
Susan S, Hodges University
Jerry F, Hodges University
Richard L, NOVA
Wendy D, Gulf Coast SC
Jessica S, West Florida Public Library
Beth K, Valencia College
Diana R, Ask a Librarian Staff
Jeff, Jacksonville Public

Detailed Chat:

Richard L, NOVA
Greg S, NOVA
Amanda S, Everglades University
Jonathan D, Maitland Library
Andrew B, Bartow Public
Jaime G, Ask a Librarian Staff
Marni, Northwest FL State College
Bronwyn M, Ask a Librarian Staff
Susan S, Hodges University
Jessica S, West Florida Public Library
Yuri, Jacksonville Public Library
Lee S, Marion County Public Library
Debora S, Palm Beach Atlantic U.

Teaching Chat:

Eric, Florida Keys C C
Pam H, Polk State College
James R, Florida State University

New Ask a Librarian Info and Toolbox Website

The Ask a Librarian team is pleased to announce the launching of its new Info and Toolbox website. The address for the Info site ( and Toolbox Site ( will remain the same. 

We have some new and exciting improvements. When you have a minute, check them out! 

If you have any questions, or have difficulty finding something, please contact Jessie ( with your questions or concerns. 

There’s still time! Creating Infographics: a TBLC Webinar

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 Lunch & Learn: Creating Infographics for More Powerful Handouts or Presentations

Thurs., March 15, 12:00-12:45 pm ET

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Space is still available in this lunchtime webinar!
Join Novare Library Services staff for an introduction to information graphics and demonstrations of how they can visually, and more easily, represent complex information to make your handouts and presentations more meaningful to your audience.


Online Marketing Campaign

In late January, Ask a Librarian began a marketing campaign online through Google ads.  LURE DesignsTh!ink Creative Inc. have developed a media plan to run in two test markets for 30 days: Orlando & Jacksonville.
The media plan focuses on two main goals: creating awareness of the Ask A Librarian program and increasing usage of the Ask A Librarian service. Th!nk Creative selected media that would reach a broad audience at a cost effective price.

After reviewing the results from the test markets, we will share the complete report with participating libraries. With the keywords used in the ads, we hope to gain insight as to what users are looking for in Google, and how we can market the Ask a Librarian program to these new users.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Riggins at

Valencia is named nation’s top community college

Congratulations to AaL participating library Valencia College, who was named the nation’s best community college. They are the winner of the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence.  The Aspen Institute spent a year studying community colleges across the nation. Valencia was picked from a group of 1,200 colleges.

Valencia College News Valencia Named Top Community College in the Nation

Read more at the Orlando Sentinel – Valencia is named top community college







Seeking Synchronicity Revelations and Recommendations for Virtual Reference (OCLC research report webinar) and AaL facilitated discussion

OCLC Research in partnership with Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey pulled over five years of virtual reference research into a summary with specific and actionable suggestions in Seeking Synchronicity: Revelations and Recommendations for Virtual Reference.

Seeking Synchronicity: Revelations and Recommendations for Virtual Reference

an OCLC research report webinar

DATE: January 31, 2012

TIME: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm  (EST)

LOCATION: OCLC’s Online Classroom


an Ask a Librarian facilitated conversation

DATE: February 1, 2012

TIME: 10:00 am – 11:00 am  (EST)

LOCATION: TBLC’s Online Classroom

On January 31, 2012 from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. (EST), co-authors Lynn Silipigni Connaway (OCLC Research) and Marie L Radford (Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey) will review the report’s findings and address topics such as:

·         The exaggerated death of ready reference
·         The importance of query clarification in Virtual Reference
·         Boosting accuracy and building better relationships in Virtual Reference
·         Learning from Virtual Reference transcripts
·         Convenience as a “hook” to draw users to Virtual Reference
·         Generational differences in how people perceive reference interactions and determine success
·         The need for more and improved marketing of Virtual Reference

For more information about the Seeking Synchronicity: Revelations and Recommendations for Virtual Reference report click here.

To register with OCLC for the January 31st webinar click here.

After this OCLC-sponsored webinar, participants are invited to return on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. when Ask-a-Librarian staff facilitates a continuing discussion among Florida librarians.  For more information about the discussion session and to register click here.