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Bookmarks, Business Cards, & Posters


Ask a Librarian Bookmarks

  • All bookmarks are 2.75 x 7.25 inches
  • Choose a bookmark design
  • Order in increments of 250

  • Here I Come To Save Your Day

  • I'm Here To Fight For For Truth, Justice, and Better Research Skills

  • A Librarian Does Research For Good, Not For Glory

  • With great research skill comes great responsibility.

  • What lurks in the heart of the internet? The librarian knows.
  • Florida

Ask a Librarian Business Cards

Ask a Librarian Business Card

  • Business card packs contain about 100 cards.
  • Florida

Ask a Librarian Posters

Posters measure 24×18 inches

Look! Online! It's A Librarian!
Look! Online! It’s a librarian!
What lurks in the heart of the Internet. The librarian knows.
What lurks in the heart of the Internet
  • Florida

Notepads have SOLD OUT! We will be premiering a completely new design campaign in 2019 which will include a notepad option. In the meantime, please enjoy our other promotional materials until we’re able to restock with the newest promos.