Register Today! FEL on the Statewide Desk: A Staff Webinar Series

Introducing a series to help you help patrons on the statewide Ask a Librarian desks…

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FEL on the Statewide Desk:  A Staff Webinar Series


FEL on the Statewide Desk: PowerSearch
Monday, August 27, 1-2p ET

Put that aspirin away! With Gale PowerSearch, you can instantly access periodical and reference content in multiple Gale resources from a single starting point, while also cross-searching eBooks in the Gale Virtual Reference Library. Discover the powerful features available to you and patrons across Florida in this informative webinar.

FEL on the Statewide Desk: Academic OneFile
Monday, September 10, 1-2p ET

Are you looking for peer-reviewed, full-text articles from the world’s leading journals and reference resources? With extensive coverage of all academic disciplines, Academic OneFile is authoritative and comprehensive – explore this incredible resource and find out how Academic OneFile can help you help patrons.

FEL on the Statewide Desk: Business Resources
Monday, September 17, 1-2p ET

Do you know how to access costly investment reports or sample business plans? Did you know that Demographics Now can help patrons decide where and what types of businesses are needed in your community, or that Gale Virtual Reference Library has a great selection of business/career e-books? This course will explain all those tools and more!

FEL on the Statewide Desk: Homework Help
Monday, September 24, 1-2p ET

Looking for a little help with those “homework help” questions? Look no further! Learn all about the best FEL resources to assist elementary, middle, and high school students with homework assignments. Attendees will be taught the most effective and efficient search strategies to obtain the best set of search results for student questions and research.

Register today, and let the Florida Electronic Library help you better serve our Florida state residents!

Ask a Librarian Texting Webinars

Confused about Texting in Ask a Librarian? Register today for a Texting Webinar:
Monday, October 15, 10-11 am ET

 Space is still available in these Ask a Librarian Texting webinars, which offer staff a step-by-step reminder of how texting works in Ask a Librarian. Find out exactly what your patrons or students need to do in order to ask a question via text for your library, and learn how Ask a Librarian staff answer those text questions in the Ask a Librarian software.

Last Chance to Register! Gale, eBooks, & You Webinar

Time is running out!

Sign up now to reserve your space in this timely webinar on nonfiction ebooks in the new GVRL interface.

Gale, eBooks, & You: The New Interface of the Gale Virtual Reference Library

Thursday, May 17, 2-3 pm ET

With electronic reference books from Gale and their publishing partners, you can help your patrons instantly access nonfiction eBooks (with any Internet-connected device) through the Gale Virtual Reference Library. The GVRL is one of many incredible resources available through the Florida Electronic Library… but there’s a new interface in town!

Learn about the Gale Virtual Reference Library and how to utilize its new interface to best help your library patrons in this webinar taught by Julie Pepera of Gale-Cengage.

Email Workshop

Space is still available – register today! 

 Ask a Librarian Email Workshop

Tues., Mar. 13, 2012

2:30-3:30 pm ET

 Space is still available in this webinar. If you need training to help answer emails in the Ask a Librarian software for your library system, or if you currently utilize your own email system but would love a sneak-peek on how email works inside the agent console, this workshop is for you!

Refresher Webinar

Space is still available in our brief webinar designed to help you brush-up on both chat and texting in the Ask a Librarian software. Are you in need of a refresher? Does texting have you confused? If so, this workshop will help you regain your footing in staffing Ask a Librarian.

Ask a Librarian 1.5-hour Refresher Webinar
Wed., Sept. 7, 2011
10-11:30 am ET

To register, please visit:

Email Workshop – Register Today!

Space is still available in next week’s Ask a Librarian Email webinar on Tues., Aug. 2 at 10 am ET.  If you need a refresher on answering emails in the agent console for your library system, or if you currently utilize your own email system but would like a sneak-peek on how email works inside the Ask a Librarian console, please sign up today.  (Registration closes at noon on July 28.)  

To register, please visit:

Introducing Threaded History!

Attention, texters!!
We are thrilled to announce a new threading feature in Ask a Librarian Texting which displays the most recent text interactions with a user’s phone number! Recent interactions between Ask a Librarian staff and the user are color-coded and even appear in the preview, and make it super-easy for you to determine the flow of help. We are certain that this will help all of us in better determining the needs of Ask a Librarian users in their moments of need to provide the excellent reference help and customer service they know and love.

Login to the Librarian Toolbox now to view the demo!

New AaL Demo: Creating Scripts & Bookmarks

Attention, staff!

  • Would you like to create your own scripts and bookmarks for your personal use inside the Agent Console?
  • Did you learn the steps during an Ask a Librarian workshop, but just can’t quite remember what to do?

As you grow with Ask a Librarian, no doubt you will find yourself retyping certain phrases, sentences, questions, or specific wordings time and time again.  Maybe there is just a word or two in an existing script that is otherwise brilliant (:]), and it would save you both time and energy to have your preferences already in place.  When you create your own scripts and URL bookmarks, you won’t lose the statewide ones found in the Account Default folders; those scripts and URLs will still be there.  Instead, what you will see is an additional folder with your name on it, right above the Account Default folder – and this folder will contain your private creations.  

To help with this, we’ve created a new demo to show you how to create your own scripts and bookmarks!  Just log into the Ask a Librarian Toolbox, click on the Practice/Training link on the left, and then click on Scripts and Bookmarks Demo in the Training Demo Videos section.  (Need help? Email me at

Well-written scripts offer a ton of benefits in virtual reference, especially with consistency in customer service and with saving time.  Customer-service-oriented scripts are especially vital in virtual reference because we don’t have some of the personal and social cues (gestures, inflection, tone of voice) that support in-person transactions.  Just like thoughtful greeting/welcome and closing messages in phone calls to your library establishes a basis for professionalism and courtesy, well-written scripts communicate in no uncertain terms that the user is welcomed rather than tolerated, and can even act as a “customer service” buffer in cases where you and the user have different communication styles.  

Enjoy your weekend!