Statewide Email – New Enhancement

The Ask A Librarian team is happy to announce the addition of statewide email to Email is available to patrons 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Even if a student or patron does not select a local library, they can choose to send an email, and ask a question.

The Ask A Librarian Interns will be answering the statewide emails, and will forward any local email to the appropriate library. (And, of course, those staffing the Collaborative Desk are welcome to jump in and help!) We are excited to be able to provide the residents of Florida with 24/7 access to the statewide virtual reference service!

Ask a Librarian Mobile Chat

Ask a Librarian Mobile Chat

Do you hate coming to a website that doesn’t have a mobile friendly interface? We certainly do!

When you try to type on the small screen,  does it become difficult to type because the keyboard hides the rest of the screen?

Well Guess What??? On February 15, we will be launching an enhanced mobile site that allows you to chat directly with a librarian!

You will be able to chat with a statewide librarian or scroll down and find your local library right from your mobile device! Once you select your library, it will allow you to chat, e-mail, or text.

  • If you select chat, it will open in a new screen, and allow you to enter your name, email, and question. Once you select chat, the new mobile interface will open and you will be chatting live with a librarian!
  • You also have the option to text message directly from the new interface. Once you select this option you can click on the phone number, and your phone will open to your texting screen. Don’t forget to enter your 3 letter code.
  • If you decide to send an email, your new screen will easily allow you to enter your name, email, subject, and question and send that email!
Ask a Librarian Mobile Chat
Ask a Librarian Mobile Chat