Introducing our new Spanish interface!!

We are excited to introduce Ask a Librarian’s new Spanish interface!

The page provides an interface for Spanish speakers to have questions answered in their native language by you!   The site offers users direct contact via email to their local library.  The portal also provides access to valuable information such as the About Us (Sobre Nosotros) and FAQ (Buscar Respuestas) sections, the “What are people asking now?” scrolling text, LSTA information, and other page components in the Spanish language.

If you have staff available to answer questions from your Spanish-speaking users and would like a Spanish interface for your library system, please contact us today.

Ask a Librarian would like to thank the following individuals for their unending assistance and patience in the translations for the new Spanish portal:

  • Tatiana Alvarez, St. Petersburg Public Library
  • Sandra Lopez, Hialeah Public Library
  • Maria Palacio, Lee County Public Library System
  • Jorge Perez, St. Petersburg College