April Ask a Librarian Statistics

Ask a Librarian had another great month.   We had a 40% increase in live chat sessions from last April and overall we have assisted 32% more users this year than last year at the same point.

A summary report is available in our Ask a Librarian Summary Report

Reports by library and county are below:
Total Chat By Entry Point April
Email by Entry Point April
Zip Code Summary April 2010

If you need additional reports for your library, contact me.

March Statistics now available online

What an amazing month! Ask a Librarian had 7,096 reference transactions last month — including 5,887 chat sessions.    We once again experienced- It’s BEST month EVER!  We had a 45% increase in chats from last year and our well on track for a record breaking year.

A summary report is here:  AAL Stat Report (march 10) corrected

Reports by library and county are below.

Usage by User Reported Zipcodes March (corrected)
Total Chat By Entry Point March
Email Monthly By Library march (corrected)

February Statistics

Wow!! Were we busy in February. Ask a Librarian assisted 5,359 users last month via live chat sessions. This is a 51% increase from February of last year and a 21% increase over last month.

Ask a Librarian is really taking off and it could not happen without each of you – and your dedication to good, collaborative reference!! Everyone here at AAL knows how hard it can be – and how rewarding it can be! Thank you for all your hard work.

As we continue to grow, it is more and more important that you are logged in and ready when your shift begins. (tips from Traci on scheduling are here, email me if you need the password).

Statistic Reports are now online:

AAL Summary Report (feb 10)
Usage by County Feb 2010
Total Chat By Entry Point Feb 2010
Email Monthly By Library Feb 2010

Quarterly Ask a Librarian User Survey is now live

The Quarterly Ask a Librarian User Survey is now live. The survey will pop-up at the end of a session automatically if the user doesn’t have pop-up blockers. However, you are encouraged to send the user survey script at the end of the session and push the survey (the survey link is available in the URL Response Library).

The survey asks:
1- Was this your first time using Ask a Librarian?
2- Did you connect with a librarian today?
3- Was your question answered today?
4- Did the librarian show you any web-based library resources today (library catalog, databases, etc.)?
5- Did you think you would be able to use those same resources on your own, later on?
6- Do you think you will be more comfortable doing online research in the future?
7- Would you use the Ask a Librarian service again?
8- How did you hear about Ask a Librarian?
9-We welcome your comments or suggestions. Please let us know how we are doing, and how we can improve?
10- We are randomly following up on surveys to find out more about your Ask a Librarian experience. If you wish to be contacted, please provide the following information.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

December 2009 Statistics

December was a quieter month as normal, but we still were busier than last year.   We had a 20% increase in chat sessions from last year!  With the new year, we expect the service to continue growing….mainly because of all your hard work!

A summary report is available – AAL Stat Report (december 09)

Here are the statistic reports for each library:

By County Dec 2009
Total Chat by Entry Point Dec
Email Monthly By Library Dec

If you need additional statistics, please let me know.