Today is Ask a Librarian Day!





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Third Annual

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 

Today is Ask a Librarian Day!

It's Ann last year at Sarasota County's Venice Public Library!  This was one of many posters they did for AaL Day in 2010. Inspired yet?

Today marks the third annual Ask a Librarian Day, a statewide effort to increase awareness of Ask a Librarian to other library staff as well as library users.  

 What are you doing to get the word out? 

Blog it!  Broadcast it!  Script it!

 Blog it! To celebrate AaL Day 2011, Lynn at Keiser University in Jacksonville reached out to users through a post to her library blog.


Broadcast it! Mike at Jacksonville Public Library made this image to display on the library's plasma screens on AaL Day 2011.


Script it!  Kira, an AaL virtual reference provider, set up this xtranormal video to commemorate AaL Day 2011. Click here to watch!

Tell us how you and your AaL Ambassadors are meeting the statewide challenge!

Send us your photos and plans, your posters and streamers and table tents, reference displays, baked goods, lanyard raffles, QR codes, scavenger hunts, bookmark check-outs, patron blog posts.  Check out Kira’s video, Mike’s screen display, Lynn’s blog post, and Ann & Friends ‘s posters that reach out and grab patrons’ attention.  Are you feeling inspired yet?  Don’t forget to take pictures.  And hop on the desks today just to say hello and show your spirit to your peers statewide…

These are the important talking points to share with all of your users today:

 ·         If you ever need help when you’re not in our library, visit (or find the link on our library’s website).

·         Ask a Librarian is a website where you can go to get your questions answered by a real librarian.

·         Ask a Librarian is open for live chat and texting until midnight ET Sunday through Thursday, and until 5 p.m. ET Friday and Saturday.

·         You can use Ask a Librarian for free.

·         If Ask a Librarian isn’t open for chat or texting, you can always email your question, and your library’s staff will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Happy Ask a Librarian Day!



July Statistics

July was another busy month for Ask a Librarian.  We assisted 3,853 users via live chat and and additional 1,012 by email – an overall increase of 35% from last July!

A summary of July is available in pdf – July Summary

Detailed Reports by Library and County are also available:

Total Chat by Entry Point July 2010

Email Monthly By Library July

Usage by County (User Reported ZipCode) July 2010

If you additional statistics for your library, please contact us.

New Ask a Librarian Blog

If you are reading this, you have already noticed…Ask a Librarian has a new blog at a new URL.   Why?  Over Christmas break, the Ask a Librarian blog was seriously hacked and was left beyond repair.      So, we needed a start fresh.   With a fresh start, we took the opportunity to move the blog to so it was in a more logical place on our servers.

Please note… if you are looking for an older post, it is no longer available.  However if you email Diana or Traci, we will get you the information you need.

We thank you for your patience and understanding.